Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tag: Ocean Dreams (animated)

Tag: The Angels (animated)

Tag: Sexy Blonde

Tag: My Spirit (animated)

Tag: Ripper (animated)

Tag: Save Your Breath (animated)

Tag: Goth Fashion Girl (animated)

Tag: Shooty Shooty (animated)

Tag: Full Circle (animated)

A Wiccan tag for someone who was bitch of the week in a Yahoo group. 

Tag: Flight (animated)

To my surprise, this has been a very popular tag and I've gotten a shitload of requests for it.  Considering I threw it together for a challenge and didn't think it was very good, I can't believe the positive responses it has received.  Really, it floors me.

Tag: Tarot Series: The High Priestess (animated)

Tag: Tarot Series: Death (animated)

Tag: Tarot Series: The Hermit (animated)

Somewhere done the line I got started tagging the Tarot.  I can't remember what inspired it, but I've done about 5 of the Major Arcana now and will eventually do them all.  Drop me a line if you'd like your own Hermit tag.

Tag: Magickal Home (animated)

Haven't done many Pagan tags in awhile.  Hope you like this one.

Tag: Blue Angel (animated)

Tag: Friend For Life

This is another that came as the result of a tut I wrote for my good friend, Diane on our challenges forum

Tag: Not Weird (animated)

Send requests to the usual address. 

Tag: Shadow Shaper (animated)

Here's another one I did for a Yahoo Groups challenge. 

Tag: Castle In The Clouds (animated)

I made this one from a tut I created for a friend at our challenge forum on Delphiforums.  It was also a challenge in one of the groups I'm in, so I got to kill two birds with one stone.

Tag: Born Bad (animated)

To be honest, this one is not a favorite of my tags.  I almost didn't include it here, but others liked it, so maybe you will too.

Tag: Corruption (animated)

Anybody remember The Plasmatics?  You won't if you're a youngun, but if you're older than dirt like I am, you might remember Wendy O. Williams at least.  The lyrics on the tag come from one of their songs.  I like this tag.  It's fairly simple, but it works for me.  I hope you like it too.  You know what to do if you want it.