Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why Did I Need This Blog?

Why, oh why?  Good question, innit?  Especially when there are 5887655766711203 blogs on the net, and 50% of them seem to be from people who make graphics. 

So, why? I had the page over at MySpace, and I could have just kept on using it even though MySpace sucks ass, and I hardly ever go there.  I also have my own Yahoo group and belong to several others, AND I have a Delphi forum just for offering tags.  Yes, I'm nuts to even think of having a blog that I will struggle to update in the future - just you wait and see.

So again, WTF am I starting this blog?  There IS a reason.  It's ALL my good friend, Cyndi's, fault!  She made her own beautiful blog skin, and then yeah, she had to go make me curious to see if I could design my own blog page, and the next thing I know, I'm going, "Well, I meant to give the MySpace page a whole overhaul anyway.  I should just use this blog for my Goth tags." 

Yes Cyndi, before you ask, if you jumped off a bridge, I would too.;-P

So here I am with a blog, and I have Cyndi to blame thank for it.  I will, of course, still have to do a lot of work to get this page in shape if I want people to visit it, but all kidding aside, it's a much better place than MySpace for tag offers, so I guess I'll do the work.  Now if I can only find the time.

Cyndi, you are teh ebil, dude.  That is all. 


RealTruck said...

Hey! Don't go blaming my ass for your addiction to trying out new shit, Bitch.

BTW... I'm eating a bowl of dirt rat now. Want some? ;p

Kim said...

Bwahahahahaha! Mmmmmmm, dirt.