Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tag: Worcester City

So, I got into a thing tonight where all my tags are based on songs I like.  It started with 'Fly', a Steve Winwood song.  It mushroomed from there, and now I have all these ideas which I hope I can actually manifest before the next creative block hits.  I've had a good run the last few days, so I expect it to hit like a tsunami any time now. LOL

Worcester City is an old English folk song about a woman who is murdered by a jealous lover.  Actually, it's a murder-suicide.  He's a servant and she's a lady.  He doesn't realize that even though she keeps her distance from him, she actually loves him.  One evening, she goes to a ball at the house of a young lord.  Her servant sees her dance with him and he becomes so overcome with jealousy that he poisons her wine.  He also poisons himself, and in the end they die in each other's arms.  Yes, it's a sick little tale, but a good song. LOL

The version I like is by Eliza Carthy.   She's a British folkie who puts a modern spin on the old standards.  She's very, very good.  I'm gonna give you a link if you feel adventurous and would like to hear a new tune.  I could be obnoxious and put a fucking MySpace player on here, but because I HATE, HATE, HATE when people do that (I listen to music a lot, and I get batshit when it cancels out my own music), I'm not going to torture you like that.  See how nice I am?  And yes, I know I have a player on MySpace, but it's set not to play unless someone wants to play it.  The End.

So that link? 

And by now you know how to order my tags.